Thanksgiving Cat Puns | 166+ Puns To Make This Holiday Fun

Thanksgiving Cat Puns | The internet loves cats. And the internet loves puns. So it’s no surprise that cat puns have become a popular form of humor, especially around holidays.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s no better way to give thanks than with a heaping serving of cat-related wordplay.

After all, nothing says Thanksgiving like corny jokes about felines. In fact, Thanksgiving is the purr-fect occasion for some hiss-terical cat puns.

Whether you’re a parent trying to get a few groans out of your kids or you want to share a bit of joy with your followers.

Having cat puns will make your holiday celebration so much more memorable. These puns will add humor to your holiday celebration.

So grab a slice of pumpkin pie and get ready to laugh your whiskers off with these 150 Thanksgiving cat puns!

Funny Thanksgiving Cat Puns

Funny Thanksgiving Cat Puns
Funny Thanksgiving Cat Puns

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate. What better way to mark this moment than by creating an atmosphere filled with joy?

Welcome to the world of puns where hilarity knows no bounds, where cats enjoy a Thanksgiving buffet and not mice! These puns are devised to bring out the zany side of the celebration.

Imagine your feline saying, “I’m feline stuffed!” after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner or channeling their inner turkey to say, “Happy Purr-key Day!”

These funny Thanksgiving cat puns offer a playful twist on the holiday classics guaranteed to induce laughter and create memorable moments at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Here are 50 funny Thanksgiving cat puns that promise to ruffle your feathers with joy.

  1. Feast your eyes on this purr-key!
  2. You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow, it’s Thanksgiving already?
  3. Oh my gourd, I’m so excited for Thanksgiving!
  4. I’m feline-stuffed after all that turkey!
  5. A round of a-paws for the Thanksgiving chef!
  6. Keep calm and cranberry on!
  7. This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to count your purr-sings.
  8. I’m all about that baste!
  9. You’re the cat’s meow, give thanks!
  10. Claw-some feast, human!
  11. Show some hiss-teria, Thanksgiving is here!
  12. I’m pawsitive I smell turkey!
  13. I claw-ful lot of you!
  14. Butterball? More like Butterpaws!
  15. Thanks fur the memories!
  16. Too much turkey? Impawsible!
  17. Time to give meow-nks!
  18. Everything tastes purr-fect!
  19. You’re so gravy, baby!
  20. Feeling thankful? Say it with a purr!
  21. Mew-ving on to pumpkin pie!
  22. No kitten around, it’s feasting time!
  23. More pie, purr-lease!
  24. Wipe your paws, it’s turkey time!
  25. There’s always room for a little meowre pie!
  26. Purrkey dinner is served!
  27. Can’t wait to pounce on that stuffing!
  28. Cats-giving is my favorite holiday!
  29. Paw-don me, could you pass the gravy?
  30. This turkey is so good, it’s got me feline fine!
  31. Let’s raise our glasses – and our tails – in thanks!
  32. You’re the cat’s whiskers, Thanksgiving!
  33. Time for some feast-ive fun!
  34. Claw-sing out this fans-paw-tic day!
  35. Cat wait for the leftovers tomorrow!
  36. Can you believe this meal? Meow-velous!
  37. No harm in taking a little catnap after the feast, right?
  38. Cat’s out of the bag, this is the best Thanksgiving ever!
  39. In the mood for some cran-meowy sauce!
  40. Only paws-itive vibes this Thanksgiving!
  41. No hiss-terics at the table, please!
  42. Wine and dine, it’s turkey time!
  43. Pass the paw-tatoes, purr-lease!
  44. So much food, I’m going to burst like a Purr-ket!
  45. Get ready for the post-dinner purr.
  46. Let’s get basted!
  47. Giving thanks for my whiskers today!
  48. This Thanksgiving feast has me feline good!
  49. Cat out of hell for that pumpkin pie!
  50. I’m having a meow-tastic Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Cat Puns One Liners

Thanksgiving Cat Puns One Liners
Thanksgiving Cat Puns One Liners

One-liner cat puns are the essence of witty humor, distilled down to a compact yet potent form of hilarity.

Stacked with humor and wit, these puns are the finest examples of festive wordplay. Thanksgiving cat puns one-liners are quick and are sure to elicit a giggle every time.

They are perfect for sprucing up your conversations or as quirky captions for your social media posts.

Packed full of charm and wit, these puns, cutting from “Bon ap-pet-meow!” to “Impawsible to ignore, Thanksgiving is here!” are calibrated for most hilarity.

Sprinkled throughout your day, these one-liners will turn your dinner into an event filled with joy.

Feast on these 50 Thanksgiving cat puns one-liners that are sure to make your holiday catty and comical.

  1. Fe-line thankful this Thanksgiving.
  2. Don’t be a sour purr-ssimist – have some turkey!
  3. Purring and pie – a purr-fect Thanksgiving.
  4. Hope your Thanksgiving is paw-some!
  5. Cat’s out of the bag – it’s feasting time.
  6. Pumpkin pie? I’m not kitten around!
  7. Claws out for turkey carving time.
  8. Counting my purr-sings on Thanksgiving.
  9. Feast your eyes on this hiss-terical scene!
  10. You’ve cat to be kitten me – this turkey is delish!
  11. Let’s raise a tail for Thanksgiving.
  12. Feeling feline fine this Thanksgiving.
  13. Claw-bbered the turkey this Thanksgiving.
  14. What’s the pick of the litter? The pumpkin pie!
  15. Gobble till you wobble? More like purr till you blur!
  16. Thankful for nine lives on Thanksgiving.
  17. Fur-tunate to have a feast like this.
  18. We’re not kitten around, this Thanksgiving spread is purr-fect.
  19. Pass the paw-tatoes, please!
  20. Gobbling up the turkey like a crazy cat.
  21. Paw-lease pass the cranberry sauce.
  22. Slice of pie? Yes, fur-sure!
  23. Nothing hiss-tanding between me and the turkey.
  24. Don’t fur-get to leave room for dessert.
  25. Claw-sitive that Thanksgiving is the best holiday.
  26. Stop kit-ten and pass the stuffing.
  27. Don’t be a scaredy-cat, try the cranberry sauce.
  28. Paw-sibly the best Thanksgiving meal ever!
  29. Paw-don me, is that the last slice of pie?
  30. This Thanksgiving, may your heart be as full as your belly.
  31. Sharpen your claws, it’s turkey time!
  32. Have a purr-plexingly good Thanksgiving.
  33. Fur-iends, family, food – Thanksgiving is purr-fect.
  34. Claw-m down, it’s just the turkey.
  35. May your whiskers always twitch for turkey.
  36. Now is not the time for a catnap, there’s pumpkin pie!
  37. Turkey today, leftovers meow-morrow!
  38. Happy Thanks-giving – or should I say, cats-giving!
  39. Who needs a doggy bag when you can have a catty bag?
  40. Pass the purr-key, please.
  41. Fur-get the diet, it’s Thanksgiving.
  42. Cornu-cat-pia of delicious food.
  43. I’m feline stuffed! Bring on the nap.
  44. This meal has left me in purr-dise.
  45. Did someone say catnip stuffing?!
  46. This fur-mily meal is claw-some.
  47. Don’t be a party-poo-purr, try the Brussels sprouts!
  48. The homemade biscuits are paw-fection!
  49. I’m going outside to enjoy the fall fur-tility.
  50. Purr-haps I could take a second helping!

Thanksgiving Cat Puns For Instagram

Thanksgiving Cat Puns For Instagram
Thanksgiving Cat Puns For Instagram

Just when you’ve thought you’ve had your fill of pun-powered hilarity, in comes a fresh batch, ready to invigorate your Instagram feed.

Social media is a tool for sharing our joys and hilarious cat puns, so why keep your online circle out of the pun-packed fun of the holiday season?

This Thanksgiving, step up your Instagram game with puns that will leave your followers purring for more.

Thanksgiving cat puns for Instagram are the ideal way to spice up your feed and share your joy with the world.

Instagram is all about visuals, but when you pair your cat photos with puns, you elevate your posts to a new level.

Get ready to get all the likes with these 50 Thanksgiving cat puns that will make your Instagram feed more fun.

  1. Feeling paws-itively stuffed this Thanksgiving.
  2. I’m furrever grateful for catnip and turkey.
  3. Time to get our feast on, fur real!
  4. Thanksgiving: When the turkeys get basted, and the cats get wasted.
  5. Paw-some company and delectable dishes.
  6. I am paws-itively thankful for you!
  7. Counting our purr-sings this Thanksgiving.
  8. Gather, gobble, then catnap.
  9. Furriends, family, and lots of meow-gic!
  10. This is just the meow-ment we’ve been waiting for.
  11. Feline thankful for full bowls and warm laps.
  12. Thanksgiving…don’t fur-get the turkey and catnip!
  13. My purr-sonal fav-hisse-tivity: Thanksgiving!
  14. More catnip and turkey, right meow!
  15. Feast your eyes on these purrfect dishes!
  16. Stuffed to the whiskers, but still craving catnip.
  17. Claw-some feasting with family and fur-iends.
  18. Meow-cademia nuts, a purr-fect Thanksgiving treat.
  19. A paw-sitively delightful Thanksgiving spread.
  20. When a-sit-uation demands feline intervention, consider Thanksgiving cat puns.
  21. Meowve over turkey, cat puns are the new meal!
  22. When life feels ruff, just focus on the purr-sitives.
  23. Claw-ver dinner ideas for a purr-fectly whisking Thanksgiving.
  24. Purr-turkey? Meow that’s a feast!
  25. It’s a furbulous time to be thankful.
  26. Pass the turkey and meowsh potatoes, please!
  27. Can’t wait to sink my claws into this Thanksgiving feast.
  28. Thankful? More like pawnessed with joy!
  29. This Thanksgiving, give whisker away – and cats will come!
  30. Paw-sitively ecstatic about this family meal!
  31. Just add a little fur-shellots for a tail-icious dish.
  32. Pawlease, pass the catnip for a fur-nomenal Thanksgiving.
  33. Thankful fur you, meow and always.
  34. Claws-ing the best Thanksgiving meal with family.
  35. Feast with purr-titude towards life.
  36. A-purr-ciative for this Thanksgiving spread.
  37. When you whisker something special, it’s gotta be Thanksgiving.
  38. Furrever grateful for the meow-velous treats.
  39. Can’t wait to take my post-feast catnap!
  40. All fur one and one fur all: a whisker-licking Thanksgiving meal!
  41. Gobble till you wobble, then nap like a cat.
  42. Hiss-terically grateful for all the Thanksgiving fun.
  43. When you’ve got fur, feathers, and family – count your blessings.
  44. Thanking all the cat-letes that came before us.
  45. Pass the meow-gravy, please!
  46. Cats giving thanks for naps and treats galore.
  47. Meowza – this feast is clawsome!
  48. A furr-ustratingly delicious meal.
  49. Paw-don me while I savor these cat-astrophes called dishes.
  50. Catnip and turkey, the main ingredients for a paw-sitive Thanksgiving!

Puns For Thanksgiving Dinner

Puns For Thanksgiving Dinner
Puns For Thanksgiving Dinner

Nothing beats sitting down to a table full of delicious food on Thanksgiving. Why not make the feast even more fun with some hiss-terical cat puns about classic Thanksgiving dishes?

  • Don’t get your fur in a bunch, just grab your purrkin pie and join the fun.
  • The cat-erpillar sure wasn’t ready for that caterpillar pie. Meow that’s funny!
  • You’re going to need all your paws to finish this meowshed potato mountain.
  • The turkey wasn’t feline very thankful as the cat carved it up. That’s just fowl.
  • Make sure to save room for some meowlten lava cake. It’s the purrfect end to a meowvelous meal.
  • Remember to share your thanks and gratefulness, we don’t want any cattitude at the table after this amazing feast!

Meow these turkey and trimming-related quips are sure to get your dinner guests chuckling. Just don’t furrget the pawsicle to clean your whiskers when you’re done!

Puns For Thanksgiving Greetings

Puns For Thanksgiving Greetings
Puns For Thanksgiving Greetings

Thanksgiving is the purr-fect time to send greetings to family, friends, and loved ones. Add some hiss-terical puns to your Thanksgiving cards, emails, and text messages to make them extra fun and festive.

Here are some cute cat puns to include in your Thanksgiving greetings:

  • Wishing you a paw-sitively claw-some Thanksgiving!
  • Have a fur-bulous and purr-fect Thanksgiving!
  • You’re the cat’s meow, hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
  • This Thanksgiving I’m feline thankful for you!
  • Your friendship is just purr-fect! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Thinking of you this Thanksgiving and feline grateful for our friendship!
  • You’re the cat’s pajamas! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • So glad we’re friends, you’re just purr-fect! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Our friendship is hiss-terical! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • You’re purr-cisely the friend I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Add a cute photo of a cat holding a turkey or wearing a pilgrim hat to give your Thanksgiving greetings some extra flair. Your family and friends will get a kick out of these punny messages.

How To Create Your Own Thanksgiving Cat Puns

How To Create Your Own Thanksgiving Cat Puns
How To Create Your Own Thanksgiving Cat Puns

Coming up with your own original cat puns can add even more fun and personalization to your Thanksgiving festivities. Here are some tips for crafting purr-fect cat-related puns for Turkey Day:

  • Play on Thanksgiving food names: Think of popular Thanksgiving foods and look for ways to work in cat-related words or sounds. For example, “What did the cat eat for Thanksgiving dinner? Tur-fur-key!” or “The cat was feline hungry when the can-purr-oni casserole came out.”
  • Use typical Thanksgiving activities: Incorporate cat behaviors or traits with Thanksgiving traditions. For instance, “Our tabby is thankful for a great cat-nap by the fireplace” or “The cats are ready for the annual Thanksgrooming marathon.”
  • Make up creative recipes: Imagine funny cat-themed Thanksgiving recipes like “Meow-hed potatoes” or “Pumpcat pie.” Get creative and combine cat terms with traditional dishes.
  • Riff on Thanksgiving décor: Craft puns related to Thanksgiving decorations and table settings using cat lingo. “The cats keep batting around the purr-kin centerpiece” or “We bought fur-key napkin rings for each guest.”
  • Play with Thanksgiving greetings: Give Thanksgiving wishes a feline twist. “Have a fur-bulous Thanksgiving!” or “May your Thanksgiving be paw-some!”
  • Use holiday-related cat photos: Take or find cute photos of cats in Thanksgiving scenarios. Pair them with clever captions using your own cat puns.

Following these tips and seeking inspiration from traditional Thanksgiving elements can lead to some hiss-terical DIY cat puns. Let your creativity run wild!

Giving Thanks With A Purr: FAQs About Thanksgiving Cat Puns

What are Thanksgiving cat puns?

Thanksgiving cat puns are tongue-in-cheek wordplays that bring together cat-related words and Thanksgiving themes.

They are amusing phrases, one-liners, or captions that add a feline twist to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

How can I use Thanksgiving cat puns during my holiday celebration?

You can use Thanksgiving cat puns during toasts, in cards, on social media captions, or to add humor to your dinner conversation.

They are a fun and witty way to spark laughter and liven up your Thanksgiving day.

Do I need to be a cat owner to appreciate cat Thanksgiving puns?

While cat owners might have a special appreciation for these puns, anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy a well-crafted cat pun.

Can I use these puns for other holidays?

While these puns are crafted with Thanksgiving in mind, you can tweak them to fit other holidays and occasions. The key is to match the pun with the mood and theme of the event.

Are Thanksgiving cat puns suitable for all age groups?

Thanksgiving cat puns are family-friendly and add a fun and lighthearted element to your holiday celebrations for all age groups.

Can Thanksgiving cat puns work for other pets too?

Many of the puns are cat-specific. However, with a bit of creativity, you could modify them to apply to other pets.

Can I create my own Thanksgiving cat puns?

The more personalized the pun, the funnier it usually is. Use your cat’s name, behavior traits, or favorite Thanksgiving dish to create your pun.

Are these cat puns good for cat-themed Thanksgiving party?

These cat puns are purr-fect for a cat-themed Thanksgiving party! They’ll certainly make your party more fun and memorable.


Thanksgiving is all about bringing joy to the holiday season. What better way to spread cheer than with cute and clever cat puns?

This list has provided plenty of purr-fect puns that will add a feline twist to your Thanksgiving greetings, dinner table conversations, and social media posts.

Whether you choose to bake a purr-kin pie, curl up with your furiends to watch the turkey bowl, or snap some paw-some selfies, these catty captions are sure to liven up your festivities.

We’ve explored everything from purr-key gobbling greetings to clever captions for your meow-magnificent Thanksgiving feast.

As you gather around the table and give thanks this year, don’t fur-get to throw in a few of these playful puns.

A laugh shared with loved ones is the best way to create friends-giving memories. Hopefully, this collection of Thanksgiving cat puns will help kickstart your cataclysmic celebrations!

Don’t forget to share the joy and mirth by sharing these puns far and wide. It’s time to talk turkey and cats!

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