Prince Harry Net Worth | A Closer Look At His Royal Fortune

Prince Harry Net Worth | Prince Harry is often in the spotlight. Known as the Duke of Sussex, his life interests many across the globe. 

His royal past, good deeds, military service, and his break with the royal family all make him fascinating. 

Now living in the U.S., people are also interested in his wealth. 

In the world of the famous and rich, people’s wealth can tell exciting stories. 

These stories can be about power, luxury, and even quarrels. Prince Harry’s story of wealth is also exciting. 

It’s not just because of his royal family money. His public life in the U.S. also adds to it.

Join us as we uncover Prince Harry’s wealth. We journey from royal palaces to the Hollywood limelight. 

On the way, we’ll learn about his million-dollar deals and past disputes. 

It’s easy to read, with short sentences that keep things clear and simple. 

It’s a peek into the life of a famous prince. So, come and learn about the wealth of Prince Harry.

Full NamePrince Henry Charles Albert David
Best Known AsPrince Harry
Net WorthEstimated $60 Million
ProfessionFormer Military Personnel, Philanthropist
Age39 years old
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1984
Relationship StatusMarried
Weight73 kg
Yearly Income$6.9 million
SpouseMeghan Markle
ChildrenArchie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

The Royal Inheritance

The Royal Inheritance
The Royal Inheritance

Prince Harry, born to the royal lineage, inherited a large amount from his late mother, Princess Diana. 

It wasn’t a small number. It was a big chunk, a whopping $10 million. It wasn’t just the young Harry who received this. His brother, Prince William, was left with the same amount too. 

These funds were not left idle. Over the years, while Harry and William were growing, so was the inheritance. 

The money was drawing interest. This long-term investment bolstered the inheritance, expanding Harry’s share of the royal financial pie.

Meghan Markle’s Contribution

Meghan Markle's Contribution
Meghan Markle’s Contribution

When Prince Harry decided to share his life with Meghan Markle, he didn’t just find a life partner. 

He merged his financial script with Meghan’s too. She is a well-known American actress, with plenty of credits in her illustrious career. T

The audience mostly recognizes her as the television character, ‘Rachel Zane,’ from the popular TV show, “Suits.” 

Her successful acting career, especially her ‘Suits’ payment, helped her compile an impressive net worth of approximately $5 million. 

So, when she walked down the aisle with Harry, her financial contribution sweetened their collective wealth pot.

Sources Of Income

Sources Of Income
Sources Of Income

There are several ways to earn money for Harry. One of them is the Duchy of Cornwall. 

This is a massive piece of land in the UK. The Duchy has been generating money for the royal family for years. 

So, it has significantly added to Harry’s total wealth. Besides, Harry also earned money from his military service.

The modern age has also brought Harry some income. He and Meghan have signed deals with Netflix and Spotify. 

They are creating shows and even podcasts. These deals have further increased the money that Harry and Meghan have.

SourceEst. Amount (if available)Details
Royal Inheritance$10 MillionInheritance from Princess Diana (mother) left to both Prince Harry and Prince William
Duchy of Cornwall£24, MillionThe income from this private estate was formerly a major source for Prince Harry until his departure from royal duties
Military CareerUndisclosedPrince Harry served in the military for a decade, earning an annual salary
Television DealsEstimated multi-million dollarsDeals with Netflix and Spotify for content creation through Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio
Invictus GamesUndisclosedPrince Harry founded this international adaptive multi-sport event, which generates income through sponsorships, participation fees, and media rights
£24, millionUndisclosedAlthough intended for philanthropy, foundations like Archewell also generate income through donations and partnerships
Meghan Markle’s Net WorthApproximately $5 MillionContribution to the couple’s combined net worth from Meghan Markle’s previous acting career

Life After Royal Duties

Life After Royal Duties
Life After Royal Duties

In 2020, Harry and Meghan decided to leave royal life. This event, called “Megxit,” had a big financial impact. 

As they left the royal family, they lost their royal allowance. But they did not let it affect them. 

They set up new businesses and nailed some big business deals. This kept their wealth safe.

Now, Harry and Meghan are running a charity called Archewell. This project needs money to start. 

Even though it costs them now, it may make them money in the future. This is a new chapter for them. 

They are making money and helping people at the same time. It’s a nice way of making the world a better place.

Understanding Prince Harry’s Net Worth: FAQs

What is Prince Harry’s estimated net worth?

Prince Harry’s estimated net worth is around $60 million, coming from his inheritance, Meghan Markle’s net worth, various ventures, and their deals with Netflix and Spotify.

How much of Prince Harry’s net worth comes from Princess Diana’s inheritance?

Prince Harry received $10 million from Princess Diana’s inheritance. Over the years, interest has increased this amount.

How did Meghan Markle contribute to Prince Harry’s net worth?

Meghan Markle brought an estimated net worth of $5 million from her successful acting career, especially her role in the TV show “Suits.”

What is the Duchy of Cornwall’s role in Prince Harry’s wealth?

Although the Duchy of Cornwall primarily supports the heir apparent to the throne, it has contributed to Prince Harry’s wealth indirectly.

Has Prince Harry’s military career contributed to his net worth?

Prince Harry’s decade-long military career bolstered his financial status through the salary he earned.

How did the Netflix and Spotify deals affect Prince Harry’s net worth?

Signed multimillion-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify significantly impacted their wealth by providing a steady source of income.

What happened to Prince Harry’s financial support from the royal family?

After stepping back from their royal duties, Harry and Meghan lost their Sovereign Grant allowance and are now financially independent.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle financially independent now?

They are financially independent, focusing on their business ventures and media deals.

How has Archewell impacted Prince Harry’s net worth?

Archewell, their non-profit foundation, requires significant upfront investment, but it holds the potential for long-term financial growth and social impact.

What other sources of income contribute to Prince Harry’s net worth?

Apart from the Duchy of Cornwall and his military career, Prince Harry’s wealth comes from various deals, partnerships, businesses, and investments they make.

How does Prince Harry’s net worth compare to that of Prince William?

Prince William’s estimated net worth is similar to that of Prince Harry, both receive roughly the same inheritance and have comparable sources of income.

Can Prince Harry’s net worth increase in the future?

It can increase as Harry and Meghan continue to grow their independent ventures, media deals, and investments.


Prince Harry’s net worth is a tale of two worlds. It’s a story of royal heritage mixed with personal triumphs. 

His wealth blends his royal past and personal efforts. Added to the mix is his marriage to Meghan Markle. 

Their bold moves in business and media deals have also paid off. Living under the public eye, his life is like a book with many chapters. 

From the royal palace to the bustling world of media, his journey is full of surprises. His money mirrors this journey. It draws us in with its mix of old and new, royal and modern.

Now, as Harry and Meghan carve out a new path, questions about their future wealth arise. 

We may not know what comes next. But one thing is certain. Their journey of wealth, where royalty meets modern-day enterprise, will keep us gripped for years.

In sum, Prince Harry’s fortune is a riveting story. It paints a picture of a modern-time prince. He builds wealth not only from his royal past but also from his present. 

And with Meghan by his side, their journey gets even more interesting. 

The story of Harry’s wealth makes us excited about what the next episode holds. , it seems, that the best chapters of his financial story may yet to be written.

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