Danger Ehren Net Worth | From Snowboarder to Jackass Stuntman

Danger Ehren Net Worth | Let’s talk about Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey. You might know him from the famous TV show ‘Jackass’. 

His heart-stopping stunts have made him a star. But do such risks turn into financial rewards? How much does ‘Danger Ehren’ really earn?

Today we’ll investigate his net worth in easy-to-understand terms. Think about running on a treadmill spiked with cacti. Or falling flat on a snowy hill. For most, these would be nightmares. 

But for Ehren? It’s just a job. He’s faced more danger than most people have had cups of coffee. But there’s an important question. How do his risky stunts contribute to his bank balance? 

Can these scary and thrilling moments provide him with good pay? It’s time to explore what ‘Danger Ehren makes financially from these perilous acts.

Just sit back and relax as we take you on a tour of ‘Danger Ehren’s financial world. We’ll see how the drama and gasps from his fans across the globe convert into money. Now, strap in. 

We’re off to learn about Danger Ehren’s net worth. We’re diving into the financial side of his thrilling life. And don’t worry. We promise, no shark bites on this trip.

Full NameEhren McGhehey
NicknameDanger Ehren
Date of BirthNovember 29, 1976
Height6 ft 1 in or 1.85 m
Weight72 kg
ProfessionProfessional daredevil, Actor, Skateboarder
Net Worth$3.5 million
Yearly IncomeUndisclosed
Primary Income Source‘Jackass’ franchise, TV appearances, movies
Relationship StatusNot publicly known

Early Life And Career

Early Life And Career
Early Life And Career

Ehren McGhehey was born on November 29, 1976, in McMinnville, Oregon. From a young age, he was drawn to extreme sports, especially skateboarding and snowboarding. 

He started snowboarding in his late teens and early 20s, gaining notoriety on the snowboarding circuit for his daring tricks and skills.

McGhehey spent several years competing in snowboarding events and contests, gaining sponsorship deals from major brands like Volcom, Morrow Snowboards, and others. 

His snowboarding prowess earned him the nickname “Danger Ehren.” While he enjoyed a successful snowboarding career, his passion for daring stunts and lack of fear led him to shift directions.

Start Of Jackass Fame

Start Of Jackass Fame
Start Of Jackass Fame

Danger Ehren got involved with the Jackass crew through his friend Johnny Knoxville. 

The two met in the late 1990s when Ehren was an amateur snowboarder and Knoxville was working for the skateboarding magazine Big Brother. 

Knoxville was impressed by Ehren’s willingness to attempt crazy stunts and recruited him to be part of a new TV show idea he had that involved pranks and stunts. 

This idea eventually became Jackass on MTV. Ehren became one of the main cast members on Jackass starting with the first season in 2000. 

His boldness and lack of inhibitions made him the perfect daredevil to perform outrageous stunts. He quickly earned the nickname “Danger Ehren” for his fearlessness. 

Some of Ehren’s most memorable early Jackass stunts included getting shot at with beanbag rounds, having rockets launched at him, and riding inside a giant inflatable ball off a cliff.

Throughout his time on Jackass, Danger Ehren cemented himself as one of the main daredevils on the show. 

His stunts were known to be some of the craziest, which earned him immense popularity among fans. 

Even as other cast members left Jackass over the years, Ehren remained a staple personality for his willingness to take on the most extreme challenges.

Jackass Stunts And Fame

Jackass Stunts And Fame
Jackass Stunts And Fame

Danger Ehren first gained fame through his outrageous and risky stunts performed on Jackass. 

He quickly became a fan favorite for his willingness to take on some of the most cringe-worthy challenges.

Some of Ehren’s most memorable Jackass stunts include:

  • Being shot out of a cannon into a net in Jackass: The Movie. This stunt dislocated his shoulder.
  • Riding inside a giant inflatable ball that was rolled off a ski jump, dubbed the “big red rocket”.
  • Having a tooth pulled via a Lamborghini in Jackass Number Two.
  • Getting punched directly in the face by UFC fighter Butterbean.
  • He had a pubic hair wig glued to his face with gorilla glue, which nearly ripped his skin off when removed.

Ehren’s willingness to endure immense pain and humiliation for the show’s stunts built his reputation as one of the craziest and most dedicated members of the Jackass crew.

Acting And Other TV Appearances

Acting And Other TV Appearances
Acting And Other TV Appearances

In addition to his work on Jackass, Ehren has also pursued acting roles and appearances on other television shows. 

Some of his acting credits include small parts in films like Jackass: The Movie and National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie.

He also appeared in an episode of Wildboyz, a spinoff show from Jackass featuring Chris Pontius and Steve-O. Ehren took part in dangerous stunts and pranks alongside the hosts.

In 2010, Ehren made guest appearances on the show Tosh.0, participating in segments and stunts. This led to him making additional cameo appearances on the show in later seasons.

Outside of television, Ehren has done some voice acting work, providing the voice for a seagull character in the animated film G-Force.

While he is still best known for his daredevil stunt work on Jackass. Ehren has proven he can stretch his talents into acting and appearances on other programs beyond the Jackass franchise.

Other Projects And Ventures

Other Projects And Ventures
Other Projects And Ventures

Outside of his stunt work on Jackass, Danger Ehren has explored several other projects and business ventures over the years. 

, he launched a snowboarding gear company called Gnarcore in the early 2000s after establishing himself as a professional snowboarder. 

The company produces snowboards, outerwear, and accessories geared towards the extreme snowboarding community.

Besides snowboarding, Danger Ehren is an avid golfer. He participated in the European Challenge Tour in 2001 and has expressed interest in playing if his schedule allows. 

Outside of sports, Ehren has dabbled in owning a bar and restaurant in Portland, Oregon called The East Side in the early 2010s.

Overall, while stunts and acting make up the bulk of Ehren’s work. He has explored various entrepreneurial endeavors in snowboarding equipment, golf, and the food and beverage industry. 

But, his extreme sports background remains his biggest passion outside of performing outrageous stunts for Jackass.

Income Sources

Income Sources
Income Sources

Danger Ehren has earned income from several sources over his career. His main source of wealth came from his professional snowboarding career before transitioning to stunt work and acting.

  • Jackass Income: Ehren was an original cast member of MTV’s hit show Jackass starting in 2000. He performed countless dangerous stunts and pranks over 4 seasons of the show and 5 after Jackass movies. But, Ehren has revealed that he didn’t earn much money directly from the Jackass franchise, despite his heavy involvement and high-risk stunts. Pay for cast members was quite low, with Ehren estimating he made around $5,000 total from the first movie.
  • Acting: Besides Jackass stunts, Ehren has earned income through small acting roles in films and TV shows. He appeared in Jackass spinoff shows like Wildboyz and Viva La Bam. Ehren also acted in indie films like Extreme Movie and Kopps as well as in an episode of the TV show Tosh.0. While the pay for these acting gigs wasn’t likely huge, it added to Ehren’s overall net worth.
  • Endorsements and Sponsorships: As a pro snowboarder and stunt performer, Ehren has partnered with brands for sponsorship deals. He’s worked with snowboard companies like Burton, K2, Smith Optics, and Mountain Dew over the years. More recently, he’s also likely earned money through Instagram sponsorships.
  • Real Estate Investments: According to reports, much of Ehren’s current net worth comes from successful real estate investments, buying and selling properties primarily in the Oregon area where he lives. He has stated that real estate, not Jackass, is how he has made his money.
Income SourceDetails
‘Jackass’ TV SeriesEhren McGhehey’s key involvement in the ‘Jackass TV series provided significant income, both from direct paychecks and residual payments.
‘Jackass’ FilmsHe starred in all ‘Jackass’ films, which enjoyed global box office success. Each movie contributed to his net worth.
Guest AppearancesMcGhehey has made guest appearances on various TV shows and projects, adding to his earnings.
Other MoviesApart from ‘Jackass’, he played roles in other movies, further padding his income.
EndorsementsThough not publicly disclosed, possible endorsements and sponsorships, given his fame and influence, might contribute to his net worth.

Net Worth Estimate

Net Worth Estimate
Net Worth Estimate

Based on recent reports, Danger Ehren’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million. This comes primarily from his stunt work and appearances on Jackass over the years. 

Ehren was a main cast member throughout the show’s run, appearing in all 4 seasons of the main MTV series as well as the subsequent movies. 

The popularity of the Jackass franchise has allowed Ehren to build his wealth through stunt fees, merchandise sales, and more. 

He likely earned a significant income from his work on Jackass Forever, the latest movie released in 2022. 

Ehren has also supplemented his income through acting roles and other TV appearances outside of Jackass. 

While not at the level of Johnny Knoxville or Steve-O, Danger Ehren has still amassed a respectable net worth as an integral part of the Jackass crew. 

His current assets and lifestyle are a testament to the success he has achieved through his daredevil stunts and fearless antics.

Assets And Lifestyle

Assets And Lifestyle
Assets And Lifestyle

Danger Ehren has done quite well for himself financially through his stunt work and appearances on Jackass. Though his exact net worth is not known, he is estimated to have a fortune of around $3.5 million. 

This has allowed him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Some of Ehren’s biggest assets include a nice home in Oregon where he lives with his family. 

The house features a large backyard perfect for Ehren to construct ramps and features to practice stunts.

He also owns several customized vans that he uses for traveling and stunt work. The vans have been fitted with features like exterior rails and interior camera mounts to allow filming stunts on the move.

When not working, Ehren enjoys spending time with his family, going on mountain bike rides, and photography. He started Danger Ehren Photography as a hobby and side business.

Though he lives, Ehren has managed to keep a relatively low-key lifestyle compared to some celebrities. He prefers to stay out of the spotlight when not working.

Summary And Legacy

Summary And Legacy
Summary And Legacy

Danger Ehren McGhehey has cemented his place as one of the most recognizable and daring personalities in stunt performance and pop culture entertainment. 

Ehren grew from a pro snowboarder into a mainstay cast member on MTV’s hit series Jackass, captivating audiences with his willingness to take on ridiculous and dangerous stunts. 

His masochistic and fearless stunt work on the show earned him the nickname “Danger Ehren” and made him a fan favorite.

Though Jackass propelled Ehren to fame, he continued to pursue acting roles and other daring stunt projects over the years. 

Ehren’s journey embodies the Jackass ethos – a passionate disregard for personal safety in the pursuit of outrageous entertainment. 

While an unusual path, Ehren’s success speaks to the appeal of absurdist comedy and shocking stunts, which he helped pioneer. 

Even as the cast ages, the lasting cultural impact of Jackass is undeniable. Ehren’s willingness to destroy his body for amusement ensures his stunt work lives on in pop culture infamy.

Unveiling Ehren Danger Wealth: FAQs About His Net Worth

Who is Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey?

Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey is an American daredevil and actor, primarily known for his stunts and appearances in the ‘Jackass’ franchise.

What is Danger Ehren’s net worth?

Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey is estimated to have a net worth of around $3.5 million.

What is the primary source of Danger Ehren’s income?

The primary source of Danger Ehren’s income stems from his appearances and stunts in the ‘Jackass’ TV show, movies, and related projects.

How much does Danger Ehren earn annually?

The annual earnings of Danger Ehren fluctuate based on his projects, TV appearances, and featured roles. A specific figure has not been publicly disclosed.

How does Danger Ehren’s net worth compare to other ‘Jackass’ cast members?

Compared to other cast members, Danger Ehren’s net worth falls in the middle range. Some stars like Johnny Knoxville have a higher net worth of around $50 million, while others like Steve-O have around $2.5 million.

How did Danger Ehren accumulate his wealth?

Danger Ehren’s wealth is predominantly a result of his participation in the ‘Jackass’ franchise. This includes earnings from TV series, movies, and guest appearances in various projects.

What was Danger Ehren’s profession before joining ‘Jackass’?

Before finding fame on ‘Jackass’, Danger Ehren was a professional skateboarder.

What was Danger Ehren’s first breakthrough?

His first breakthrough came when he was introduced to the ‘Jackass’ team, which subsequently led to his cast membership and worldwide fame.

Is Danger Ehren still active in the entertainment industry?

As an iconic part of the ‘Jackass’ team, Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey is still actively involved in its projects and is seen doing stunts and skits, usually pushing humorous and safety boundaries.

Is Danger Ehren involved in any other ventures outside of ‘Jackass’?

Although he is best known for his ‘Jackass’ stunts, Ehren McGhehey has also been featured in other projects, enhancing his versatility as an entertainer and contributing to his net worth.

What is Danger Ehren’s highest-grossing project?

One of Danger Ehren’s highest-grossing projects is the ‘Jackass’ movie franchise, which has made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office worldwide.

Does Danger Ehren have other income sources outside of his on-screen work?

While the majority of Danger Ehren’s income comes from his TV and movie work, the details of his investment portfolio, endorsements, or other income streams have not been publicly disclosed.


Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey is a true daredevil. His actions show clearly that he’s not afraid of any risks. His net worth is 3.5 million dollars.

This big amount comes from his love for adventure and thrill. Ehren isn’t just famous for seeking thrills. He’s also great at his job. This job is all about turning risks into money. 

Every dangerous act Ehren does makes his fans love him even more. And with each act, he earns more money.

But there’s something bigger at play. Ehren’s real success comes from his talent for entertainment. He started in snowboarding and then moved to TV shows.

And through all this, he always pushed himself. He always took on bigger challenges and held his fans’ attention. Ehren ‘Danger’ McGhehey’s story shows two important things. 

First, when a person is not held back by fear, they can achieve great things. Second, sometimes, love for daring actions can lead to big rewards. 

Whether you’re a fan of Ehren for a long time or just learning about him now, one thing is clear. His life and work show that being brave and daring can lead to success.

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