Bagel Puns | 270+ Funny Bagel Puns For A Hole-Some Laughter

Bagel Puns | Bagel puns are the new rave across the internet. From Instagram captions to Reddit threads, these puns are making everyone chuckle.

But why are bagel puns so loved? The main allure of bagel puns is how they add a sprinkle of humor to almost any situation.

By incorporating “bagel” or “bread” related words into common phrases, they create a funny twist that catches people by surprise.

Bagel puns allow us to look at everyday sayings from a new doughy perspective. People enjoy bagel puns because they are a fun way to connect with others.

Sharing a clever bagel pun lifts someone’s mood. In a world filled with negativity, bagel puns provide a dose of joy. 

For bagel lovers, these puns perfectly capture the playful spirit of their favorite breakfast item. 

So grab a freshly baked bagel and let’s dive into this baker’s dozen of bagel-based humor! We’ve cooked up over 270 piping-hot puns guaranteed to spread smiles.

Our menu runs the gamut from short and sweet one-liners to funny quips loaded with laughs. These wholesome puns add a touch of joy to any conversation.

Best Bagel Puns

Best Bagel Puns
Best Bagel Puns

When it comes to bagel puns, some rise above the rest by sheer cleverness and humor. These best bagel puns are baked to perfection, crunchy on the outside with a soft and chewy center of laughs.

They’ll have you begging for more! Whether it’s a play on the bagel’s round shape, its delicious taste, or its iconic hole in the middle, these puns are clever, funny, and downright fun.

Puns like “Donut Worry, Be Happy” and “Muffin Compares” give that satisfying punchline we crave with good comedy.

Bagels make for great humor because of their shape and texture. The best bagel puns use clever wordplay around the signature hole that gives bagels their unique look.

These bagel puns are so popular because they are short, catchy, and give people a chuckle by mixing bagel-related words into common phrases. 

They add humor to everyday conversations. Here are 50+ of the tastiest, most appetizing best bagel puns to kickstart your day with smiles!

  1. I knead to tell you about this great new bakery I found. Their bagels are hole-y delicious!
  2. Q: What did the bagel say when it was time to get toasted? A: Let’s get toasted!
  3. I donut care for most other breakfast foods. Bagels are my jam!
  4. Person 1: This bagel is so chewy! Person 2: Yeah, it’s pretty tough. Person 1: I’m just trying to make it wheat I want!
  5. I went to a raging party last night. It was totally out of con-troll.
  6. Q: What do you call a freezing bagel? A: A brrrr-gl!
  7. I’m really not a morning person. I’m pretty crusty until I’ve had my bagel and coffee.
  8. Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a bagel a secret? A: They tend to spread a lot of crumbs!
  9. Person 1: Did you hear about the new crossed-bred bagel? Person 2: No, what is it? Person 1: A croissant!
  10. Q: What type of shoe does a bagel wear? A: Loafers!
  11. You really “knead” to try these bagels!
  12. I’m on a “roll” with these bagels.
  13. Everything’s better with a bagel.
  14. Feeling extra “hole-y” today.
  15. You’re the “yeast” of my worries, my bagel love.
  16. Life is like a bagel – it has its ups and downs but is ultimately delicious.
  17. I bagel to differ with you.
  18. Sounds like there’s a “hole” lot you don’t know about bagels!
  19. Bagels, bae-goals!
  20. You’re my “everything” bagel.
  21. I “doughnut” know what I’d do without bagels.
  22. Let’s “roll” together like a bagel.
  23. Life is too short, eat more bagels!
  24. You’re so sweet, just like a cinnamon raisin bagel.
  25. Bagels – they’re just like pizza but on a roll.
  26. Rise and shine like a freshly baked bagel.
  27. Don’t let life get you “down”; have a bagel!
  28. These bagels are “hole”-heartedly delicious.
  29. Size doesn’t matter, but portioning does – bagel-ieve it!
  30. “Poppy” in for a bagel.
  31. Every day is a b-r-e-a-d-iful day when you have a bagel.
  32. Stop “loafing” around and grab a bagel.
  33. I “wheat” you forever.
  34. Are you a bagel aficionado or a bagel-amateur?
  35. I’m just “plane” crazy for bagels.
  36. Bagels – the epitome of pastr-“mastery.”
  37. I’m totally “buttered” up for a bagel.
  38. Bagel “thieves”? Quite the “bun”-dle of nerves!
  39. Don’t be upset, let bagels “toast” away your frown.
  40. These bagels are “hole”-lariously tasty.
  41. Bagel surprise – you’ve got to “seed” it to believe it!
  42. Bagels, the “hole-some” choice.
  43. Creativity for bagel puns? Coffee “brew” it for me.
  44. I “lox” you more than a bagel.
  45. I’m not the jealous type, I just don’t want to share my bagel.
  46. Bagels – “crumby” when they’re gone.
  47. I’m “hole”-ding you to a high “bake” standard.
  48. Bagel-“jack”-ing – a crime against “bun-manity!”
  49. “Plain” and simple, bagels are the best.
  50. My heart goes “pumpernickel” for bagels.
  51. Bagel-smuggling – the height of culinary “pie-rotechnics!”
  52. You add the “nut” in my chocolate nut bagel.
  53. Bagels, the “wheys” you make me smile.
  54. I’m “bagelling” it!
  55. Bagel puns are the real “slice” of life.
  56. Don’t “wheat” around the bush; tell me how you feel about bagels.
  57. A balanced diet – a bagel in each hand.
  58. Just “bagel out” and enjoy life.
  59. Bagels for breakfast? I’m “up” for it.
  60. Bagel banter – the “seed” of all comedy.

Funny Bagel Puns

Funny Bagel Puns
Funny Bagel Puns

Humor, they say, spices up life. Is there a better way to add the spice of humor to your daily conversations than with some amusing bagel puns?

These puns add a pinch of silliness to breakfast. Funny bagel puns aim to make people laugh or chuckle. They play on common bagel behaviors, physical features, or personalities.

Funny bagel puns work well when you want to give someone a laugh or lighten the mood. They shouldn’t be overused, as too many in a row could come across as corny.

Whether you’re looking to bring some humor to your morning routine or you want to make your friends laugh, these funny bagel puns are what you need.

Imagine bagels rolling down the street because they couldn’t stop or popping out of a toaster shouting “Bagel’s up!” The possibilities for funny wordplay with bagels are endless.

Dive into the delightful world of humor with these 50 funny bagel puns that bring a smile to someone’s face and elicit a burst of full-hearted laughter.

  1. Stop loafing around, let’s bake some bagels.
  2. Out of all the rolls, the bagel is the hole-iest.
  3. Their love story was doughing great until the bagel puns began.
  4. Watching my figure, I’m cutting back to half a bagel. Still working on the cream cheese though.
  5. Don’t play a rye joke on me.
  6. Bagels are doughn-loads of fun.
  7. I don’t give a schmear.
  8. Just cut the bagel a break.
  9. Every other bread kind is bag-elitist.
  10. You’re all that and a box of bagels.
  11. This bagel has really risen to the occasion.
  12. I got these puns on a roll.
  13. I’m comm-yeasted to finishing this bagel.
  14. You doughn’t know how much I love bagels.
  15. Let’s take a stroll down bagel lane.
  16. I feel like I’ve hit the bagel jackpot.
  17. The way to my heart is through a bagel.
  18. Bagels over everything else.
  19. I can’t tell a lie, these bagel jokes are crumby.
  20. Everyone has a hole, but not everyone can be a bagel.
  21. Bagel lovers will never feel low on dough.
  22. I’ll eat bagels till I’m bread.
  23. My jokes are too hole-hearted to be funny.
  24. Let’s bagel-ettes about the past.
  25. This pun is the best thing since sliced bagels.
  26. A bagel isn’t the same with a piece of lox.
  27. I never sausage a beautiful bagel like you.
  28. Life without you would be crumby.
  29. Don’t worry, be bagel.
  30. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect rye perfections.
  31. Can’t find the right pun. I’m on a rye-ot.
  32. These bagels pita the competition.
  33. Bagels – the pita-fication of deliciousness.
  34. I ‘loaf’ you more than a bagel.
  35. A bagel ‘kneads’ a good spread.
  36. Bagels got ‘butter’ over the years.
  37. A bagel a day keeps the doctor away.
  38. I ‘seed’ you roll your eyes at my pun.
  39. I’m sorry for my half-baked puns.
  40. Bread puns are a piece of cake, but the bagel ones have a hole.
  41. Timing is ‘crust’-ial when making a good bagel.
  42. You don’t have to spread lies to butter up your bagels.
  43. I’m crazy about ‘currant’ bagel trends.
  44. Don’t judge a bagel by its hole.
  45. What the ‘bagel’ did you just say!
  46. Call 911, this bagel is too fire!
  47. A bagels’ life isn’t always everything it’s “toasted” up to be.
  48. I’m “gluten” to the fact you don’t like my bagel jokes.
  49. I will never tire of your puns, said no-one in the bakery ever.
  50. I’ll never “baguette” these bagel puns.

Cute Bagel Puns

Cute Bagel Puns
Cute Bagel Puns

If cuteness could be encapsulated in words, then cute bagel puns would be the perfect fit. Cute bagel puns have an adorable, heartwarming quality about them.

These puns add a pinch of silliness to breakfast. They poke fun at the process of making and eating bagels. You can enjoy these funny bagel puns with your morning coffee or orange juice.

They often anthropomorphize bagels or refer to them in affectionate ways. Cute bagel puns pair with gifts, cards, social media posts, or messages to loved ones.

Their sweetness makes them uplifting and appropriate for many occasions. From messages to loved ones to social media captions, cute bagel puns are a fun and delightful way to express your feelings.

Indulge yourself with these 50+ cute bagel puns that ensure an ‘aww’ moment, making your discussions more heartwarming and unforgettable.

  1. I knead you like a bagel needs cream cheese.
  2. We’re totes bae-goals.
  3. You’re my everything bagel.
  4. I love you a hole lot.
  5. Thanks for always filling my days with joy, I dough-n’t know what I’d do without you!
  6. You’re the cream cheese to my bagel.
  7. I love you from my head tomatoes.
  8. Olive you more than this bagel.
  9. You’re my daily dose of sweetness, just like a cinnamon raisin bagel.
  10. I’m one lucky loaf to have you in my life.
  11. You make my heart bagel with joy.
  12. Don’t worry, be a bagel.
  13. I’m simply bagel-ing over with joy.
  14. My world is butter with you in it.
  15. I knead you in my life more than bagels knead cream cheese.
  16. Love you from my head tomatoes.
  17. We roll together so perfectly, like a bagel and cream cheese.
  18. Our relationship is everything like an everything bagel.
  19. You’re the jam to my bagel.
  20. My love for you rises like a perfectly baked bagel.
  21. You’re the best companion to my lonely bagel.
  22. You’re my favourite kind of dough.
  23. You’re the poppy to my bagel delight.
  24. You’re the missing texture in my multi-grain bagel.
  25. My love for you is endless, like a bagel.
  26. Just like bagels, we’re roundly complete together.
  27. Our love is as inviting as a warm toasted bagel.
  28. You’re the bagel cream to my sweet strawberry bagel.
  29. My feelings for you are as strong as a garlic bagel.
  30. You’ve sprinkled sesame in my life like on a bagel.
  31. I can’t count how many times you’ve made my heart knead.
  32. Just like a delicious bagel, you make me complete.
  33. I lox you more when you’re with me.
  34. No one else butters my bagel like you do.
  35. You serve my heart just right like a perfectly round bagel.
  36. You’re the cherry on top of my blueberry bagel.
  37. We’re inseparable, like a bagel stuck in a toaster.
  38. We’re like two halves of a perfect bagel.
  39. Let’s not waste these crumbs of moments.
  40. I will always hold onto you, like the hole in a bagel.
  41. My life without you would be plain, just like a bagel.
  42. We’re like a fresh bagel, always better when warm.
  43. Our love is like a bagel, better when toasted.
  44. My heart needs you like a bagel needs cream cheese.
  45. You had me at the first bagel bite.
  46. My love for you is as wide as a bagel’s circumference.
  47. Your love fills my heart like cream cheese fills a bagel.
  48. My mornings are better because of you and bagels.
  49. I rise and shine just for you, my bagel.
  50. You make my heart round with fullness like a bagel.
  51. I get lox of love when you’re around.
  52. My love for you is creamier than any spread on a bagel.
  53. I’m stuck on you like a bagel fruit spread.
  54. My love for you is as sweet as a cinnamon bagel.
  55. You’re the perfect mix, liken a bagel and coffee.
  56. You’re the hole that completes my bagel heart.
  57. I bagel to differ, you’re by far the sweetest.
  58. You spread love on my life like butter on a bagel.
  59. Our bond is as strong as a well-baked bagel.
  60. You’re just like a bagel, you’ve rolled into my life.
  61. Our love is like a bagel, it knows no end.

Short Bagel Puns

Short Bagel Puns
Short Bagel Puns

Sometimes, less is more. Short bagel puns are a testament to this. If you’ve ever enjoyed the short and colorful bursts of fireworks, then you’ve understood the charm of short bagel puns.

Short bagel puns provide a quick laugh, making them perfect for any situation. They’re like little bites of humor, perfect for any time you need a quick pick-me-up. 

short bagel pun usually contains a word or two that plays on a common bagel-related term. They’re the perfect tool when you need quick laughter or when you’re trying to spread some joy in a conversation. 

These bite-sized puns are your secret weapon for an instant mood lift. Whether you’re sharing a pun with a friend or using it as a caption for your latest Instagram post, these short bagel puns are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So, buckle up for these 50 short bagel puns that are as punchy as they are punny.

  1. Bagels are a ‘knead-to-have.’
  2. I’m breakfast’s ‘hole’ package.
  3. Bagels are ’round’ the clock favourite.
  4. Enjoy every ‘bite.’
  5. ‘Crusty’ with feelings.
  6. ‘Spread’ the bagel love.
  7. You ‘butter’ believe it!
  8. ‘Lox’ and bagels, yum!
  9. ‘Roll’ with the bagels.
  10. Bagels are ‘hole-some.’
  11. Seize the ‘bagel.’
  12. Life’s ‘butter’ with bagels.
  13. Filled with ‘loaf.’
  14. ‘Crust’ the process.
  15. ‘Rise’ and grind.
  16. ‘Seas’ the day with sea-salt bagels.
  17. Bagels are ‘grate.’
  18. Don’t be ‘flaky.’
  19. Embrace your ‘roll.’
  20. Bagels ‘knead’ love too.
  21. ‘Whisk’ it for the bagel.
  22. Got any ‘dough’?
  23. Life’s ‘jam-packed’ with bagels.
  24. A ‘slice’ of heaven.
  25. Bagel is ‘loaf’s’ alter ego.
  26. Feeling ‘toasty.’
  27. Bagels are better ‘to-gether.’
  28. ‘Baking’ memories.
  29. Rise to the ‘yeast.’
  30. A ‘dough-cument’ to happiness.
  31. Happiness is ‘bread’ made.
  32. What a ‘lovely loaf.’
  33. Take life ‘grain’ by grain.
  34. Bagels are ‘pan-tastic.’
  35. Always in the ‘mood’ for bagels.
  36. Bagels are ‘hole-ly.’
  37. Bagel, ‘roll’ model of bread.
  38. ‘Bake’ the world a better place.
  39. Life’s a batch of bagels.
  40. What’s all the bagel ‘fuss’ about?
  41. Bagels are ‘crumb-tastic.’
  42. Always up for a ‘roll.’
  43. Bagels are sin-‘dough’-ly delicious.
  44. Doesn’t that just ‘crack’ you up?
  45. ‘Loaf’ in every bite.
  46. Bagels ‘batter’ than the rest.
  47. What a dough-lightful day.
  48. Bagels ‘rise’ to any occasion.
  49. It’s how we ‘roll.’
  50. Can’t ‘loaf’ without bagels.

Bagel Puns For Instagram Captions

Bagel Puns For Instagram Captions
Bagel Puns For Instagram Captions

A bagel a day keeps the sadness away! Capture your bagel bliss with these picture-perfect punny Instagram captions:

  • I knead bagels in my life like flowers knead sunshine and rain!
  • Bagels make me so holey!
  • Let’s get bagelicious!
  • Bagel believer.
  • All you knead is love… and bagels!
  • I wanna bagel you up.
  • Bagels are my jam.
  • Turn that frown upside down with a bagel.
  • Living my best bagel life.
  • Bagels make me smile. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.
  • Time to get bready for adventure! 🥯
  • I donut know what I’d do without bagels!
  • Bagels are the icing on the cake of life.
  • You’re bae-goals.
  • Bagels are the lox to my stock.
  • Bagel today, thrive tomorrow.
  • Good morning sunshine! Want to split a bagel?

Bagel Puns For Specific Occasions

Bagel Puns For Specific Occasions
Bagel Puns For Specific Occasions

Bagels can add a touch of whimsy and humor to special occasions and events. Here are some bagel puns perfect for different celebrations and situations:


  • On your birthday, make a wish and take a big bite! May all your bagel dreams come true.
  • Here’s hoping your birthday is a hole lot of fun. Enjoy it with a toasted bagel treat!
  • Bagels wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. But they were too baked to write a card.


  • Ho ho ho and a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel! Wishing you sweet holidays.
  • Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, here’s hoping your holidays are full of love, joy, and definitely bagels!


  • Here’s to spreading love and bagel toppings on your big day. Congratulations to the happy couple!
  • We love you a hole lot! Enjoy your bagel-y ever after.


  • No amount of cream cheese or toppings can ever show how much you mean to us. You’re the best, teacher!
  • Thank you for making school fun and teaching us so much. We appreciate you a hole bagel bunch!

Bagel Love Puns

Bagel Love Puns
Bagel Love Puns

Nothing says romance like tasty baked goods! Bagels make for especially pun-derful expressions of affection. Here are some bagel puns that will melt your honey’s heart:

  • You’re the lox to my bagel
  • We’re bae-goals
  • I love you a hole lot
  • You’re my everything bagel
  • Let’s never split, like a bagel
  • I’m one lucky bagel to have found you
  • You’re the cream cheese to my bagel
  • I wanna bagel you up and keep you all to myself
  • We go together like bagels and schmear
  • I love all your little sesame seeds
  • You’re my morning bagel-ight
  • I’m bagel-nuts over you
  • Let’s seal it with a schmear
  • You’re my butter half
  • I’m one lucky lox to have found you
  • You bagel my world
  • You’re the only one with the hole key to my heart
  • Let’s bagel down and get married
  • You’re my everyday bagel
  • I loaf you a lot (for pumpkin bagels)

Bagels make for such a sweet and punny way to express love and affection. Surprise your sweetie with some bagel puns and watch their heart melt.

Bagel Jokes And Puns

Bagel Jokes And Puns
Bagel Jokes And Puns

What’s a bagel’s favorite type of music? Poppyseed beats, they’re always jammin’!

I asked my friend if he wanted to split a bagel and he said “That sounds like a half-baked idea”.

Why was the bagel late to work? It got stuck in a jam.

What did the bagel say when it was feeling down? “I’m feeling a little holey today.”

My bagel friend is quite the character. You could say he’s a real doughy guy!

I entered a bagel into a baking contest. Sadly, it didn’t win first place but it got honorable mention!

What did the cream cheese say to the bagel? “You’re the apple of my spread!”

My bagel loves dancing to pop music. You could say it’s a big poppy seed fan.

I was feeling hungry so I said to my friend “Let’s get bagels!” He said, “I donut think so.”

Knock knock! Who’s there? Bagel! Bagel who? Bagel glad I didn’t say banana!

Hole-Some Laughs: FAQs About Bagel Puns

Why are bagel puns popular?

Bagel puns are popular due to their light-hearted nature and they are often used to make online content, like social media posts or captions, more engaging and relatable.

Can I use bagel puns on my Instagram captions?

Bagel puns are a fun and creative way to enhance your Instagram captions, especially for food-related posts.

Are there any bagel puns specifically for Valentine’s Day?

You might say something like “You’re the ‘yeast’ of my worries, my bagel love” or “I ‘knead’ you in my life, my everything bagel”.

How can I create my own bagel puns?

Creating your bagel puns involves a bit of creativity. You can play with words related to the process of making bagels, and various bagel toppings, or even use the characteristic ‘hole’ in a bagel for your wordplay.

Are bagel puns suitable for kids?

Bagel puns are suitable and safe for kids. They are fun, and innocent, and can even be educational in teaching kids about word play and humor.

Can bagel puns be used for businesses?

If you’re a bakery owner or run a food-related blog or social media account, bagel puns can be a fun and engaging way to connect with customers or followers.

Are there love themed bagel puns?

Yes, there are love-themed bagel puns, like “You’re my everything bagel” or “Our love is like a bagel — completely unbaggable!”.


Bagels make for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, but they can also provide some wholesome humor to start your day. As we’ve seen, bagel puns and jokes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re looking for a cute Instagram caption, to tell friends or a clever icebreaker, this guide is chock-full of punny potential.

So take these bagel puns out for a spin and see if you can get a laugh. Try sprinkling them into conversations or doling them out to spread smiles.

A little harmless wordplay here and there will make your day, and the days of those around you, a bit brighter.

So embrace the silliness and enjoy these puns without guilt. After all, sharing laughter and joy costs nothing but gives so much.

With their round shape and that iconic hole, bagels lend themselves to humorous takes. Hopefully, this guide gave you some new favorite bagel puns to add to your repertoire.

The next time you bite into a chewy, satisfying bagel, remember how amazing it feels to laugh and put a smile on someone’s face. 

So take these puns and use them to bring a little more humor and levity into your everyday life.

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