ASAP Rocky Net Worth | A Deep Dive Into His Fortune

ASAP Rocky Net Worth | Welcome to the dazzling world of fame. Today, our focus is Rakim Athelaston Mayers. 

You may know him better as ASAP Rocky. From the crown of hip-hop to the throne of fashion, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

ASAP Rocky hails from Harlem, New York. His journey to global fame doesn’t just stop at music. 

His lyrical genius often takes up top spots on the charts. His songs never fail to create a buzz.

But is Rocky just about music? No. He’s a fashion icon too. He has worked with top fashion labels. His unique style influences fans worldwide.

His journey from humble beginnings to a lavish lifestyle fascinates many. So, how much is he worth? How did he amass his wealth?

Let’s unveil ASAP Rocky’s world. We’ll dive into his sparkling net worth.

We’re about to explore the life of a hip-hop king and fashion trendsetter. Get ready for a thrilling ride.

Net Worth$25 million
Height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionRapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, model
Salary$1 million (per year)
Income SourcesMusic sales, endorsements, acting, fashion
Real NameRakim Athelaston Mayers
Stage NameASAP Rocky
Date of BirthOctober 3, 1988
Relationship StatusDating (with Rihanna)
Yearly Income$1 million

ASAP Rocky’s Early Life

ASAP Rocky's Early Life
ASAP Rocky’s Early Life

ASAP Rocky, born Rakim Athelaston Mayers on October 3rd, 1988, experienced the electric buzz of Harlem, New York from a tender age. 

From the start, the world of music beckoned him. Quickly, he discovered his passion for rap and, while still a young man, joined the renowned rap group, A$AP Mob. 

Yet, it would take several years of hard work and navigating the music industry before he saw his efforts translate into success.

Music Career

Music Career
Music Career

Rocky’s ability to create captivating music cannot be overstated. Back in 2011, Rocky produced a single titled “Peso,” which was leaked online. 

The track sparked a frenzy, resonating with rap enthusiasts, and swiftly made its rounds through radio broadcasts.

This viral popularity led him to catch the eye of Sony Music, who sealed a hefty contract worth $3 million with him not long after.

The musical prowess of this Harlem native continued to shine through in his debut mixtape “Live. Love. 

A$AP,” along with his first two studio albums “Long. Live. A$AP” and “At. Long. Last. A$AP”. 

Each of them has seen critical acclaim and commercial triumph. According to Nielsen Music, the sales from Rocky’s albums have surpassed 5 million units across the U.S., providing a rich influx towards his net worth.

Other Ventures

Other Ventures
Other Ventures

ASAP Rocky’s interests aren’t confined to a recording studio. Being a man of many talents, he has explored various realms and managed to earn success in them as well.

Besides being a central figure in the A$AP Mob collective, Rocky has carved a niche in the world of fashion. 

Blessed with an impeccable sense of style, he created his distinctive brand, mingled with prestigious fashion labels, and emerged as a pioneer in streetwear culture.

But the list of Rocky’s ventures doesn’t end here. In the year 2016, he secured a business agreement with Kush Factory to introduce his cannabis brand. 

On top of that, Rocky hasn’t hesitated to dive into cinema either. He made a remarkable entry into acting with his performance in the film “Dope,” adding another hat to his diverse portfolio.

Comparison With Other Artists

Comparison With Other Artists
Comparison With Other Artists

When we consider Rocky’s net worth, it’s essential to understand its context among other artists. 

While Jay-Z leads the league of wealthiest rappers with a net worth soaring at $2.5 billion, Rocky can be proud of his achievements. 

If we look at the artists who share his genre and active years, such as Tyler, The Creator whose net worth is around $30 million, Rocky is standing strong.

All these triumphs serve to illuminate the impressive and dynamic journey of ASAP Rocky, highlighting the various talents that have contributed to his success today.

CelebrityEstimated Net Worth
ASAP Rocky$25 million
Jay Z$2.5 billion
Kanye West$500 million
Drake$250 million
Travis Scott$60 million
Tyler, The Creator$30 million
Kendrick Lamar$75 million
Post Malone$45 million

Understanding ASAP Rocky’s Wealth: FAQs About His Net Worth

What is ASAP Rocky’s net worth?

As of the writing and using the most recent estimates, ASAP Rocky’s net worth is approximately $25 million.

How did ASAP Rocky accumulate his net worth?

ASAP Rocky has earned much of his net worth through his music career. This includes album sales, concerts, and deals with music companies like Sony.

In addition to music, Rocky has also partnered with fashion labels and introduced his cannabis brand, contributing to his overall net worth.

What was ASAP Rocky’s biggest music deal?

One of ASAP Rocky’s largest music deals was with Sony Music, where he reportedly signed a contract worth $3 million.

How successful were ASAP Rocky’s albums commercially?

ASAP Rocky’s albums have collectively sold over 5 million units in the U.S., which contributed substantially to his net worth.

Is ASAP Rocky involved in businesses outside the music industry?

In addition to his music career, ASAP Rocky has delved into the world of fashion, worked with high-end fashion brands, created his own apparel, and launched his creative agency AWGE.

In 2016, he also launched his cannabis brand in collaboration with Kush Factory.

Does ASAP Rocky earn money from acting?

Though his primary source of money is music, Rocky made an acting debut with the film “Dope,” which added to his total net worth.

How does ASAP Rocky’s net worth compare with other rappers?

While ASAP Rocky’s net worth is substantial, it’s still less than some successful rappers like Jay Z ($2.5 billion) and Kanye West ($500 million).

However, his wealth competes closely with peers like Tyler, The Creator ($30 million).

Does ASAP Rocky have any real estate investments?

There is less public information available on ASAP Rocky’s real estate investments. While celebrities often invest in high-end properties, exact details on Rocky’s property portfolio are not disclosed.

How much does ASAP Rocky earn from concerts and tours?

The exact amounts of Rocky’s concert earnings aren’t disclosed. However, performing live at tours and concerts forms a significant part of revenue for most artists.

What was the biggest contributor to ASAP Rocky’s net worth?

The primary contributor to ASAP Rocky’s net worth is his music career. His albums have sold millions, and his contracts with major music companies have been financially significant.

Does ASAP Rocky earn money from merchandise?

Yes, much like other artists, ASAP Rocky sells merchandise, including clothing and accessories, related to his brand and music, which adds to his overall net worth.

How much did ASAP Rocky earn from his deal with Kush Factory?

The exact financial details of ASAP Rocky’s deal with Kush Factory are not publicly disclosed. However, the deal to produce his line of cannabis products likely contributed to his net worth.


So here it is, the amazing story of ASAP Rocky. He started in Harlem. Today, he’s a big name in both music and fashion. He’s a style trendsetter. Fans all over the world love him.

Rocky’s net worth is a cool $20 million. How did he build it? Music sales and live shows, of course. But also fashion gigs and some acting. Each adventure has added to his fortune.

ASAP Rocky shows us something else, too. Success can come in many ways. And you can build wealth in many areas. His influence in music and fashion speaks to this.

And he’s not slowing down. As he keeps making music and tying up with fashion brands, his star will shine more. And his net worth? That’s going to grow, too.

The lesson from Rocky’s story is clear. Hard work, dedication, and a creative touch can make dreams come true.

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